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Most of our guests now have to spend some time to up-date on their current business activities. Mas des Etoiles, for that, is almost perfect. First, we have a very hi-speed internet connection.
Second, it is available hi-speed on all parts of the property : In your room, in the summer dining room, along the pool, on your room terrace. It is very convenient. We also have a special room dedicated to conxions with your office and your partners.
So, Mas des Etoiles is an ideal place to mix your activities at your convenience.
Last Autumn, we just had implemented the system and we had financial experts from the London stock exchange who have been real happy. We also had specialists from the International Monetary Fund in Frankfurt. At that time, we already did not have any US guests as usual, because of the shortage in flights.
So, our service brings real added value for our guests. And this is thanks to my competencies in systems.